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Piotrowski family
Piotrowski family

Gorajec is very small remote village (only few families are living there) so it might be difficult to get there, althought it’s deffinitely worth it! Some people say Gorajec is on the end of the world, so aren’t you interested in seeing end the world? Anyway, there should be no problem in reaching Gorajec by car.

Chutor Gorajec has spacious camping site as well as comfortable guest rooms in the main building. Chutot Gorajec is run by Piotrowski family. (Marcin, Marina, Mikołaj, Michał, Mateusz, Maciej & Jolanta)



There is spacious camping field ,our guests are free to choose place they would like to pitch their tent, there are showers and toilets on site.

Last year among our guests we hosted people from Poland, England, Spain, France,Ukraine and Estonia.

Borderline Culture Festival FOLKOWISKO 2014

The Folkowisko Borderline Culture Festival is a new cultural event in Poland, dedicated to folk arts and music

2014 baba poster (Copy)zdjecia (76)In the past there were different ethnic groups living together in Poland: Polish, Ukrainians, Germans and Jews. Poland was a multicultural country until the Second World War, when everything changed. This lost co-existence of cultures, languages and traditions is very important for some people. In order to restore the old way of living and create a similar amazing atmosphere, a group of people living in Eastern Poland, who are interested in the cultural heritage of this region, is organizing a one-of-a kind festival. It is called the Folkowisko Borderline Culture Festival, and it takes place in July in the small village of Gorajec, situated on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Every year nearly 2,000 people take part in the festival events. It is one of the most interesting cultural events in Poland. Every year the festival is dedicated to a different national culture which existed vibrantly in Poland years ago. So far, a Ukrainian edition took place in 2011 and a Jewish edition in 2012.zdjecia (41) This year we would like to focus on Polish peasant culture, since in 2013 it will be the 165th anniversary of the abolition of serfdom. We are currently completing our artistic program, inviting artists from Ukraine and Poland as well as local storytellers and singers from Eastern Poland. In addition we will offer our guests workshops and field trips. Some of the events will be translated into English, since our guests will be coming from all over the world: from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Spain, France, Germany and Belarus.

zdjecia (15)If you like folk music, history and stories, nature and open air events; if you are looking for a new expirience, for anything or anyone unknown to you (people, places, activities or cultures) you’re going to love Folkowisko.

zdjecia (23)The main events of every Folkowisko are: Storyteller’s Night (Friday) and Folk Night (Saturaday). But there are plenty of other activisties during the three days of Folkowisko: walking tours, car and bycicle rides, workshops and games.You can try regional cuisine and wear regional costume, you can spend your day drinking beer and lying on the grass, or go for an extreme river walk tour, you can sit by the fire talking to a new friend all night, or you could spend that night dancing under the stars. In brief, you can do whatever you like.

ONLINE BOOKING FOLKOWISKO 2014:    Folkowisko (2) widownia 2012 (Copy)

zdjecia (39)

Event description:
Place: Gorajec, Poland

Date: 11-13 July 2014

Subject: peasant culture, women culture

Type of music: folk

Events: concerts of modern folk bands, concerts of traditional folk music, storytellers, trips, workshops

Articles about Folkowisko:

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